Christine Donley is a San Francisco based writer, photographer, and curator who is exploring the body as the seat of power in human experience and how art and culture can play a role in replacing the frameworks of empire. She seeks to facilitate healing and co-create power-to situations within local and global communities, freeing bodies, hearts, minds, forms, and frameworks from a variety of tyrannies.

During the last 9 years as a stay at home parent, she used her free time to research art and artists and through pattern recognition, identified a cluster of connected, new forms, that she feels as a global heartbeat.

Christine’s current project, Illuminating Our Global Heartbeat is set to use her diverse skills as curator, connector, and digital content producer to go deeper into the projects and processes of a select group of global artists, creatives, and thought leaders to explore their ways of being and creating, how they are creating equitable impact and what can be learned and applied in real time using common digital technologies with the cluster she is connecting.

Christine currently collaborates with Wafaa Bilal on 168:01.  She recently served as an Art Guide for the SF exhibition Sanctuary.